Plants that aren’t touched in my garden include acanthus, agapanthus, box and lavender. Possums find the scent of these items appalling such that they wouldn’t attempt to enter your premises anymore. If you need any possum-proofing assistance, don’t hesitate to call us at 0475 463 597. Possums use their sense of smell to find food. This means I was able to rig up some possum-proof solutions quickly and without assistance. Possum repellents work by two methods: taste and smell! They need to be applied frequently as they can be diluted or washed off during rain, watering or even after heavy dew. Rolling fence tops - Try retro-fitting lengths conduit or irrigation pipe to the top wire of fences. To protect a new plant in the garden, make a semi-permanent wire cover around and over the plant. The wire flops outwards, making it hard for the possum to get over it. Many substances have been used in the hope that they will stop possums eating garden plants. Put the brew in a spray bottle and spray over the plants the possums seem to like, and around other areas they are visiting. Occasionally a plant will appear to be possum-proof as it is ignored by possums, often for years, but it may be eaten when a new possum comes into the area or the animals are extra hungry. Trending questions. Backyard Possum Control That’s why you need to possum-proof your garden to hit two birds with one stone. Then, you can use some possum replants to keep them away from your house and garden. When they do so, their occasional stomps and noises may bother you. "They like climbing on quite rigid structures, so if it does wobble they'll fall off," he said. Trees Down Under is a ... There are several commercial products available including D-Ter and Poss-Off, which are applied to growth (such as new shoots, buds, leaves). Building possum proof pvc cage for vege. ” We have engaged Trees Down Under on behalf of several of our clients to attend to the removal of trees and shrubs that were creating a hazard on their property. This type of lidded growing system also protects from other pests. Often another possum simply moves in, so far from solving the problem, it may make it worse. Some of these include using spotlights, hanging CDs, lapsang souchong tea and blood & bone. To prevent them from feasting on the leaves and fruits in your yard, try rubbing menthol and placing mothballs in the perimeter of your garden or in tree branches and trunks. But, if you discover some plants that they ignore that grow well, plant more of them! Submit your order online & your local store will be in touch with a quote. Regardless, you should not purposefully feed wildlife or try to raise wild animal infants—no matter how cute they are! Cylindrical cages over the chillies, complete with a lid for easy access. You can also get some commercial possum replant from a local store. Welcome to the Urban Hobby Farm. The fence line needs to be kept clear of bushes and overhanging branches that could provide another access route. 0 0. Plant food sources for them, don't feed them people food. According to DELWP, you can make a DIY repellent by mixing 2 tablespoons of freshly crushed garlic in 1 litre of hot water. 25 answers. I was pretty stoked to see some of the vegetable seeds I had planted come up. Simply make a slit along the pipe lengthways and slip it on. They can also rummage through garbage cans or steal your pets’ food. Home. For vegetable growing, invest in elevated garden beds with a wire, plastic or shadecloth cover that can be lowered to protect the crop overnight. Get your mag delivered!-Save 29% off the cover price! Whirlpool. 5 years ago. Most of our Landscape Centres open earlier than stores. My garden looked transformed, it was full of colour. The way the crew worked, it was great. Possums love fruit trees as much as we do. Source(s): There are several ways you can attempt to deter possums from nibbling on your plants. Other methods work on taste and smell: Then, you need to make your property possum proof. Forums. They feed on the leaves, flowers, buds, fruits that are abundantly present in your garden. This can also deter other animals that may graze on the foliage, fruits, and flowers of your trees. After building a number of prototypes we settled on an ‘inverted top hat' design using wire netting. We can install possum-proofing structures like possum band and fences to keep your trees and plants protected from these grazing creatures. Before you know it, your trees and plants have already lost most of their leaves, fruits, and flowers due to possum attack. This works well for those in rural or semi-rural areas establishing a new garden. Leave it overnight and after that spray it on plants in the garden to deter the possums from munching on them. If in case possums breached the barriers around your garden, you need to have a second line of defence in the form of plant covers. Possums can cause significant damage to your plants and trees. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Possum-proofing your garden can save your trees and plants and, at the same time, prevent possums from accessing your home. The most important is to erect physical barriers, which are then backed up with deterrent sprays. Join. They live in homes called ‘drays’ made up of a loose and messy collection of twigs, often tucked into shrubs. (No, not that plant found in the West Indies, I said the quassia tree.) can you … This remedy can be very successful for trees such as maples or magnolias that are very appealing to possums. Possum-proof your garden: How to keep possums away from eating your plants, How to treat citrus bugs and nutrient deficiencies. One handy technique is to include some sacrificial plants in the garden. Sep 6, 2018 - Explore Maryann Walker's board "Possum proof garden" on Pinterest. Possum Proof Plants. None of these solutions have a lasting or reliable effect. We’re just around Sydney, so we’re at your service anytime. {Hopefully} Possum-Proof Gardening I think my front door looks better this way, actually: I may have mentioned our possum problem before, and before I get going on my diatribe please let me tell you how cute these animals are. Get answers by asking now. Possum-proof your garden: How to keep possums away from eating your plants According to our records, “how to possum-proof a garden” is a really popular internet search. Visit your local store page to check Landscape Centre hours. Hi, We need to plant some screening trees along our front boundary. Much smaller and more delicate are ringtails. Physical barriers can range from possum-proof fencing around the perimeter of a property to the use of covers for individual plants. In addition, some repellents are designed to repel because of their texture ('mouth feel'). Possums have very specific preferences for taste and smell. It's also worth noting that any young plant is fair game:- We will first inspect the home to identify all entry points, then seal them with materials designed to possum-proof. According to our records, “how to possum-proof a garden” is a really popular internet search. The only option you have left is to protect your garden from these grazers by deterring them. If you don’t want to have more problems caused by these creatures, you need to stop them before they get into your house. Once the plant begins to grow, the cover will need to be removed. For individual plants like chillies, I made cylinders from the wire mesh and cut a lid for the top, which is secured by a peg. September 16, 2013 April 14, 2014 by Carazy. 5 answers. They also need plenty of calcium in their diet or they may develop Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). Similar to blood and bone in old socks I put Dynamic Lifter in my old socks and cut up stockings. menu Whirlpool Go to navigation. It's unlikely any plant will be 100% rabbit/possum/roo-proof...but here's some that we believe will stand up to the toothy attack! Possums may be small and adorable, but they can be pesky and cause considerable damage to houses and gardens. Sharing Food. You can keep your garden safe from possums by securing it with a fence or barrier. Unpalability to wallabies and possums stems from a few different sources - chemical, for example plants that produce strong-smelling (and presumably foul-tasting to wallabies) oils such as tea-trees; physical (spiny leaves, stem spines, furry leaves, e.g. Thus, under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, you cannot harm or trap possums. Go to Flora for Fauna and click Create your garden now. September 07, 2018. [DIY] Protect your plants with this easy possum shield! Brushtails are the big possums with black furry tails and a ghoulish grunt. This band makes climbing impossible for possums because it is slippery and possums won’t have anything to cling on. Even the most patient and wildlife friendly gardeners tear their hair out over this one, but, after significant research, I can tell you that there are solutions to stop your precious plants being gobbled by hungry possums! Thanks for sharing your possum experience with us Kathryn. Smaller plants can be protected with their own purpose-made covers. The site was left tidy without any damage. Our workers here are reliable, friendly, and dedicated. While the high adaptability of possums may be amusing, it’s actually alarming especially to a lot of homeowners. This is the best way to protect young plants and seedlings from possum attack. My family really loved it. They made use of existing materials resourcefully yet creatively. To stop possums, a loose, wobbly fence is a good idea. There are restrictions around trapping and relocating possums, so it is important to keep within local guidelines. We dont want possums to eat them out so we are looking for possum proof, or relatively possum proof species. For it to be effective, the tree needs to be away from other trees, fences or walls that could allow a possum to leap into the branches. Acanthus - oyster plant - Dark green lobed leaves, shiny and light-reflecting. Let us know if they work for you - or if you have any tried-and-tested plants we haven't included. These will be 1.8 to 2.4 or even up to 3.0 metres tall and will cost up to $400 or more each. Presently I have covered the existing pots with large square bird cages with the bottom pulled out. A mature brushtail can weigh up to 2.4kg, which is why they do so much damage in the garden. This structure can also prevent other animals such as birds and cats from feeding on the fruits and flowers of your plants. The Australian government considers possums as a protected animal. So far … A wire waste paper basket can also be a very handy overnight barrier. Munch Proof Plants - a selection. Existing fences that offer a ready-made possum highway can be made difficult to access with spikes fitted to the top of the fence. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. In this situation, protective sprays can help. Possum-proof … You’ve probably landed here because you’re having possum issues and have turned to Google for help. This article originally appeared on Starts at 60. I planted my spring vegetable seedlings with so much love and care, so I was devastated when I returned the next morning to find munched-down stumps where my tomatoes, spinach and coriander had been. Archive View Return to standard view. These scare faces look like cats and have reflective eyes, pretty scary if you are a possum! How to possum-proof your garden Our resident garden expert reveals how to keep your plants from being eaten alive by these nighttime creatures. We also offer quality tree pruning services to limit the access of possums.Â. last updated – posted 2014-Sep-7, 9:10 am AEST posted 2014-Sep-7, 9:10 … We rejected the former approach as this would provide a single point of failure. I would not ... Since possums are omnivores (eating both meat and plant-based foods) cat food should not be the only food in a possum’s diet. These creatures can overgraze and damage the plants and trees in your yard, especially at night when these nocturnal animals are awake. Examine tree trunks for scratch marks to see which trees they are accessing. Coppiced gum trees, for example, provide a constant supply of new foliage for the possums to browse. Possum-Proof Raised Pallet Garden Bed With Easy Access. Ask question + 100. Chilli plants seem to be one of possums’ favourite plants to demolish, so I don’t think that chilli paste or sprays will ever work against them. Trending questions. Or spray your garden with neem oil or pongy fish fertiliser to repel them. You could even build it a possum box in a tall tree. As possums are territorial, it will keep away other possums, and you already know its eating habits! If you don’t take measures to prevent them, they will graze on the foliage, fruits and flowers in your yard. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Some homegrown bamboo acts as stakes to secure the cage in place. For possums, mulch your garden with sheep dags - possums are said to be none to partial to the smell of lanoline. 8th Sep 2015. Many gardeners regularly solve their possum problem by trapping and removing the animal. “    Trees Down Under services are professional, efficient and value for money. This is Ben, and in this video we are going to look at organically control garden pests like the possum. As it becomes too tall, cut the tree back again. Possum populations have exploded in the past decade or so, as these furry marsupials find themselves well-suited to suburban life. Other temporary options that have been suggested include blood and bone fertilizer, Quassia chips and garlic sprays. We now support online ordering. Click for details. sydneymidge. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The bark contains a very bitter resin, which the plant uses as an insect repellant, but if you boil the bark chips, you end up with a very bitter liquid you can use as a spray which will make your plants taste horrible to a possum, or pretty much an other sentient being. Fencing your area would go to waste if you provide another route for possums to access your garden. You will need to reapply after a heavy rain or after a regular bout of watering. Hi. I'd like to have raised pots/beds and something nicer looking. This is not a definitive list (it's just the plants that I had out in pots unprotected), and perhaps different varieties of Possums eat different things but I've found these plants to be safe in possum territory. However, particularly hungry possums … These deterrents only last a few days at a time and need to be reapplied after rain. Possums Eating Plants. Copyright © 2020 Trees Down Under Pty Ltd. Tree Lopping, Tree Removal & Arborists Services in Sydney. There are two broad approaches - constructing a possum-excluding perimeter fence or designing a possum-excluding plant guard. Find out what possums in your area like to eat. They're small, and shy, and not at all ferocious {like North American opossums}. See more ideas about Veggie garden, Garden, Garden beds. Possum proof planters for balcony. Thus, you need to cut the branches of your trees that are near or connected to neighbouring structures such as trees, buildings, and fences since possums can use these branches to enter your yard.