SMBs incur nearly four times the per capita cybercrime costs of larger firms, according to Ponemon. Cyber-crime has become one of the most challenging and difficult problem for today society, for the court system and law enforcement. With just a few key strokes people are able to buy goods, exchange ideas, meet new people and new cultures that exist in other parts of the world, which used to be impossible to realize for some people.  Instant access to the information has greatly contributed to extend human reach. From: Examining the costs and causes of cyber incidents: J Cyber Security. Up to life in prison for the most seri… A penalty or fine 5. Another barrier to more successful cyber-crime investigation strategy is data protection law.   Data protection law makes it difficult when data transfer is needed between private and public organizations, especially involvement of the Internet of Things, whose platform design lacks privacy and security measures.   Yet another issue, which seems to be one of the major issues, is lack of law enforcement experts in field of cyber-crime investigations.  Evolution of cyber threats is on rise, and the law enforcement are doing everything they can to educate and train new members to combat this type of crime.  (Schallbruch, 2017, April 24). This Convention classified cybercrimes into four categories: 1. Eurojust and Europol have detected an increase of encrypted electronic data in current cyber-crime activities, therefore EU cyber investigators have to mainly handle the cases involving with these data. Data breach incidents has reached its high record in 2016.  According to a cybersecurity company “Risk Based Security “there were 4,149 incidents in102 world countries, causing a breach of more than 4.2 billion records.  Another survey, so called Ponemon’s survey, has underestimated the extent of global data breaches, stating that 51% of respondents reported a global record breach in the past five years, and 56 % of companies suffering from the breach, has been hit by the incident more than once. Violation of copyright laws. We focus on critical cyber incidents as well as longer-term activity against the criminals and the services on which they depend. The US cyber-security firm “Carbon Black” reported 2,502% increase in the ransomware Dark Web economy, compared to the 2016 year. For example, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. has doubled their annual cybersecurity budget, and Bank of America has come forward stating that they have unlimited budget to spend on fight against cybercrime. Data presented in the graph shows increase of events from year 2005 on, though the amount of reported data breaches in some instances is to a greater degree than some other incidents.  For example, data breach reports experience four-time increase in 2014 year compared to 2005 year. With that in mind, government leaders and private sectors are coming together to build a cohesive force, to prevent future cyberattacks and fight back, because a weakness in any area can cause worldwide chaos. This is not an example of the work produced by our Dissertation Writing Service. Consumer spending on information-security is not encountered for and is often impossible to track, according to author Morgan (2017). Even so that international cooperation is critical to fight cybercrime, the exchange of the current legal frameworks differs significantly in many EU countries. (Palmer, 2017). No plagiarism, guaranteed! We also work with partners such as the National Cyber Security Centre, Get Safe Online and Cyber Aware to promote ways for the public and businesses to protect themselves online. In May, 2016, the Wall Street Journal published another incident related to SWIFT cyber theft, which has actually happened in January, 2015, in Ecuador, with financial loss of $9 million dollars.  Police investigators examining the theft of $81 million from Bangladesh’s central bank were amazed to find out about the case from three years ago, in which hackers stole $250,000 from the country’s largest commercial bank using similar methods. - A criminal record, that could affect education and career prospects. There are some discrepancies that the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) used for coding-it might have included only one segment of firms by industry and may not reflect actual perception of a firm’s activity. We have seen a significant growth in cyber criminality in the form of high-profile ransomware campaigns over the last year. This advantage also promotes increase in productivity and assists businesses to operate more efficiently than in the past. Schmidt served as the cybersecurity adviser to the White House during part of the George W. Bush administration, and he also has worked as the chief security officer for major computer and Internet companies.” Written by author Boland, (2008). Loss of Revenue : One of the main consequences of cyber crime on a company is a loss of revenue/income. Keep all security software and operating systems updated (this can be set to update automatically). There is a strong evidence that this problem has possibly devastating consequences. In Internet Business Law Services (IBLS) article, published 2017, the Department of Homeland Security says about the joint project, that the task force is being expanded to include the U.S. Secret Service and other federal parties. It also suffers deliberation of how these tactics are performed by the opposing political situations that may occur at the time of their distribution. A consumer expenses include: installation of anti-virus programs, personal identity theft protection services, installation of malware protection software, computer and mobile phone patch-up services iin order to remove viruses or malware, data recovery and user instruction for future safer use and better cyber protection.  The consumer cybersecurity marketplace is much bigger nowadays, and just like businesses, consumers are investing time and money to prevent future cyberattacks. The left graph shows the most recurrent incidents by industry, whereas the right graph demonstrates the incident occurrence rate. It is recommended that organizations and companies should think of ways to improve security, as long as justifying these risks will balance off the costs. Besides having a mutual interest, it also benefits them to have mutual territories to operate together more proficiently and effectively. The wide extent of cyberspace enables terrorist groups to recruit, organize, spread and promote their ideas through cyber channels, online propaganda and other virtual resources. Despite of major cybersecurity concerns, incidents and privacy violations, most technology experts predict that the Internet of Things will continue to successfully grow in the next few years, binding machines to machines and connecting people to valuable services, resources and opportunities.  (Rainie & Anderson, 2017). As well as disrupting the current generation of cyber criminals we also want to prevent young people from slipping into cyber crime. For years, the banks would not admit that the Triad’s hackers could break their security codes. 6th Annual International Conference on cybersecurity in New York City –PPD 41. This include the following: Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Computers being seized and being prevented from accessing the internet 4. The only difference is that while drug “mules” smuggle quite small amounts of illegal drugs across the border, cyber “mules” commonly use their personal accounts to keep and handover millions of dollars fraudulently deposited from virtually robbed banks. Whilst a myriad of reports into the UK’s ability to defend itself against cyber crime often offer conflicting statistics, one thing is unanimous; the threat to the legal sector is significant and increasing.