CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME: Ant-Stop™ ORTHENE® Fire Ant Killer PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Insecticide MANUFACTURER The SOLARIS Group of Monsanto Company P.O. Pour the insecticide from the tube along insect trails, in the corners, floor cracks, under kitchen appliances, furniture etc. Controls ants, fire ants, and harvester ants. TERRO T1901SR Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer. It has a powerful tendency to penetrate deep down and kill fire ants more effectively. Surrender G Insect Killer Bifenthrin Granules - 3.5 Lbs. $28.49. Surrender® brand Fire Ant Killer By Wt. But gave a 9 Only because of the odor. 4. Features & Benefits of Surrender: controls fire ants & harvester ants; one application per season; treats up to 108 mounds ; Surrender is an insecticide for control of pests in certain non-crop areas. weight : 1lb. EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS Emergency Phone 800-454-2333 EPA REG. One can of Surrender will treat up to 108 Fire Ant mounds. See all 6 - All listings for this product. One can will treat up to 108 fire ant mounds. Free shipping . Red and black imported fire ants are invasive species and their painful bites can injure or kill livestock, wildlife, domestic animals, and humans. Acephate is an organophosphate insecticide that is one of the most effective killers of fire ants. One can of Surrender Fire Ant Killer can treat up to 108 Fire Ant mounds. This product can be used along with Ortho® MAX™ Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules as part of the Fire Ant 2-Step Program. Surrender ® fire ant killer should be … Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer Now Available in an 8 oz Can! Surrender Fire Ant Killer contains 75% Acephate and is used for controlling Fire Ants. fire ant killer bait. $13.00. Use it as a mound treatment for home lawns and around ornamental plants (including flowers, shrubs, and trees). See more. 3. ortho max fire ant killer 4# ortho max fire ant killer 4# add to cart $5.99 $ 25.99. ant killer. Acephate - 75%. Use 1 Teaspoon per mound, treats up to 216 fire ant mounds. Awesome product! Surrender Fire Ant Killer contains 75% Acephate and is used for controling fire ants. Is also useful as a control of cockroaches, earwigs and woodlice. Product Name. Is it safe to start planting? One can of Surrender can treat up to 108 fire mounds! Product Name. We spent around 36 hours just find the outdoor ant killers for you and based on the complete research we have selected that Home Plus Ant Killer (4-Pack), Metal Ant Traps Indoor & Outdoor, Ant Bait Station, Pet Safe Ant Killer, Effective Ant Control System is the suitable for you. Then, when it gets wet, it begins to kill fire ants in only a matter of minutes. For Use in and around: Outdoor use. $29.99. You must be logged in to post a review. martin’s surrender fire ant killer – 1# bag add to cart $13.99 $ 57.99. ant killer, flea control indoors & out, home pest control, diy pest control. which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. Because CSI has exclusive access to some pretty insane active ingredients, Surrender was made using Acephate; the ingredients specifically designed to exterminate fire ants. Features a puffer pack for crevice and crack treatments in homes, patios and gardens. Rank . This killer spray’s active ingredients are powerful pyrethroids: tetramethrin and deltamethrin. Surrender Fire Ant Killer is for control of imported fire ants and harvester ants.. 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 2 product ratings. One can of Surrender Fire Ant Killer can treat up to 108 fire ant mounds. One can of Surrender will treat up to 108 Fire Ant mounds. This product can be used as a dust or even mixed with water and used as a liquid insecticide for drenching deep down beneath fire ant mounds. Treats approximately 108 mounds. Killer/Surrender Fire Ant Killer Formulated as liquids, dusts, or granules. Before beginning, make certain that a neighbor or a family member is aware of your pesticide use. OMG the smell is … Control Solutions Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer, 1 lb By Control Solutions . 12 reviews. This is definitely a game changer for anyone who has a roach infestation. Unit price / per . And even if you eat it. Our Price: $ 17.77. $69.55 +$16.25 shipping. Easy-to-use bag with applicator nozzle. Rank . I give this product a 9out of 10. Orthene PCO Pellets-This unique 97% formulation of Orthene PCO Pellets is used against German Roaches in restaurants where insect baits can not work. Surrender Fire Ant Killer can treat over 100 fire ant mounds! pivot igr concentrate 16oz bottle add to cart $57.99 $ 5.99. ant killer. 2 lb. Read the label carefully to determine if the product is labeled for application in a vegetable garden. it has been about 5 weeks since i did it and the ants has disappeared but i m wondering if it is safe to start planting vegetable in the soil. Surrender Fire Ant Killer by CSI is a dust containing the active ingredient Acephate. Try not to disturb the mounds while treating. CSI’s Surrender Fire Ant Killer is the true definition of effective for cheap. Effective Against: ants, fire ants, harvester ants. Score. $21.99. Free shipping . Kills ants spiders and most iimportantly, Roaches. Active Ingredients: Acephate 75% . Free shipping . 9.7 . 6 - 1 lb Cans. Quick view. You can also use this on turf to kill fire ants. I have mixed the Martins Surrender Fire Ant in water and i watered my garden soil in my backyard once. : Toxicity. Write a review. For mound treatment of fire ants and harvester ants in turfgrass. By cleaning surfaces where ants have traveled, you've destroyed this treasure map to your home. Be the first to review “Surrender Fire Ant... ” Cancel reply. Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer or Agrisel Acephate 75- (Acephate 75%) Agricultural and fire ant insecticides. … It can also be mixed with water and applied as a spray for drenching treatments of fire ant mounds.. - Surrender Fire Ant Killer with Acephate Ant period is on the horizon. Eliminate scent trails. Score. It works amazingly even with water or without water. Surrender Fire Ant Killer. Borax, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, according to one study, is not acutely toxic. Active ingredient: Acephate. Free shipping . Their large mounds — as many as 300 per acre — are unsightly and often damage mowers and other equipment. Surrender Fire Ant Killer is for outdoor use as a mound treatment for listed ants in turf around residential, commercial, and industrial sites. Requires only 1 application per season. $24.99. Surrender Fire Ant Killer contains 75% Acephate and is used for controlling Fire Ants. Some ant killers, like spray pesticides, offer immediate gratification; they can kill insects on contact but don’t necessarily offer long-lasting effects. Control Solutions Martin’s Surrender Fire Ant Killer is perfect for areas that are not used as cropland including around trees, lawns, ornamental plants, and gardens. Surrender Fire Ant Killer 1 lb Can By CSI . Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0. Surrender Acephate Fire Ant Killer. Apply it liberally but discourage your dog from investigating the powder. If the powder is borax powder it will do not harm unless you eat it . Reviews. ACTIVE INGREDIENT Acephate (0,S-Dimethyl acetylphosphoramidothioate) 75% OTHER INGREDIENTS 25% TOTAL 100% KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN CAUTION FIRST AID Contains an organophosphate that inhibits cholinesterase. it is only soil and not vegetables yet. Packaged in a convenient shaker can for easy application. Qty: Description Surrender G | Martin's. 2 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 2. View Product. 9.4 . Use & Control. Diatomaceous earth is a powder-like alternative to traditional ant killers that works by cutting through the ant's body and subsequently drying it out. Will the vegetable that grow from the soil be safe to eat? 2. 2 product ratings . Ant and Insect Killer Powder, 450 g from Defenders is a ready to use powder for killing and controlling ants. Do not induce vomiting unless … Others, like ant baits, gels, and some kinds of granules require a bit more patience as ants have to bring enough of the poison back to the colony for you to see results. This product is unique, as it is a powder that is sprinkled on the mounds of fire ants. This product is specifically designed for the elimination of Fire Ants. Carpenter ants rely on pheromone trails to find food sources and to travel. Target Pest(s): Ants, Imported Fire Ants and Harvester Ants Manufactured By: Control Solutions Active Ingredient: Acephate - 75% Size: 1 lb. Product Type: Consumer. Treats up to 25 sq m with permethrin to ensure an effective method of killing and controlling ant infestations. Ratings and Reviews. Occasionally, not having good luck with other products, this was highly recommended at our local feed store. Box 5008 San Ramon, CA 94583-0808 24 HR. Surrender ® fire ant killer insecticide contains 75% acephate. Watering-in is not necessary. When using ant pesticides it is critical that you understand what first aid measures will need to be undertaken in case of accidental poisoning. There are no reviews yet. 5.0. Its thin and long nozzle allows spraying this foam type of liquid deep down the wall cracks, corners, inaccessible spots, holes in wooden structures where insects have started their activity as well as straight into the nest. If accidentally contaminated, remove the clothing immediately, seek fresh air and call 911. Fire Ant Killer Insecticide. View Product . Ortho® Orthene® Fire Ant Killer kills the queen and destroys the mound. Score . If not, they can be applied directly to mounds outside the garden. Although it is not harmful to your dog, neither you or your four-legged companion should breathe in the dust because it can irritate the nose and throat. Label . Would've given a 10. The dust is packed in a convenient tube that doesn’t require use of an additional sprayer. Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer contains 75% acephate and is used for controlling fire ants. Insect Killer Granules . Regular Bowl. pivot igr concentrate 16oz bottle . Quantity: Add To Cart. Ideal for lawns, turfgrass, fencerows, roadsides, and ditchbanks. item 6 6 - 1 lb Cans Surrender Fire Ant Killer Acephate 75 (75%) Insecticide 6 - 6 - 1 lb Cans Surrender Fire Ant Killer Acephate 75 (75%) Insecticide . Ant-Stop™ ORTHENE® Fire Ant Killer 1. Related products . Martin's Surrender Fire Ant KillerSurrender fire ant killer insecticide. If swallowed Call poison control center or doctor immediately for treatment advice. Terro Ant Killer Dust is a contact killer which promises to control fire ants within 8 months after treatment. Use Sites: lawns, outdoors, turfgrass, fencerows, roadsides, ditchbanks. The sugar attracts the ants, but the baking soda will kill them naturally. Fire Ant Killer - Acephate 75 SP. This dry mound treatment is sprinkled onto the surface of the mound. Surrender Fire Ant Killer with Acephate is a ready-to-use product. Surrender Fire Ant Killer contains 75% Acephate. Sort by: Average Rating: (5.0) out of 5 stars 12 ratings, based on 12 reviews. When it comes to pests, fire ants probably rank near the top of the list. SURRENDER®. Add to Cart AI: 75% Acephate. You just have to pry off the lid from the tin and spread it with the aid of a small spoon. One application per season. $14 95 $14.95. Spectracide Fire Ant Killer, Granular, 3.5 lb., Outdoor Only, DEET-Free Granules . 3.5 pounds treats up to 3,500 square feet. 5. Surrender Fire Ant Killer 1 Lb Acephate 75% Fire Ant Control Fire Ant Treatment . Fast acting against fire ants, fleas, spiders, mole crickets and ticks. Score . Spectracide Fire Ant Shield HG-96471 Fire Ant Killer Granules, 7 lb. For use on lawns, ornamentals & flower gardens and vegetables. Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer. It stinks to high heaven, but works well.